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Kraft paper tube packaging is the most environmentally friendly packaging in the market, it is made from 100% recycled paper, and recycling again when the customer has done with them, it will not cause any pollution to our earth. Also kraft paper is biodegradable and compostable.

Kraft paper tube is one of the most common packaging materials or products in our daily life. These kraft paper tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and nature kraft paper. The cardboard tube is a sustainable packaging solution, which is green and eco-friendly. Cardboard tubes are widely used for food packaging, such as snacks food, and cookies, cosmetic packaging, gifts and crafts, household items storage, they can be used as wine packing; they can be used as cosmetic containers to pack skincare products;

China Leading Custom kraft paper tubes Packaging Kraft Cylinder Packaging cardboard tubes manufacturers & suppliers Recyclable, biodegradable FSC certification.

1. Laki: Custom(We have molds for almost all diameters)

2. hugis: Parihaba, Parisukat, Pabilog na pabilog, Oval, especial hugis, Modernong Disenyo, Classy Estilo ang lahat ng mga ito maaari naming mag-alok sa iyo.

3. Accessory: magneto, ribbon, EVA Form, Plastic Tray, espongha magbab, Bulaklak, PVC/Alagang Hayop/ PP window.

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Kraft Paper Tube with Aluminum Foil Lining – Food Safe Packaging

Kraft Paper Tube aluminum foil

Kraft paper is still the most common choice when you want to make clean and attractive food packaging. Kraft paper tubes are made of sturdy kraft paper and come with a polyolefin heat sealable aluminum foil lining. They make great alternatives for other packaging materials like polypropylene and polystyrene. Not only are these tubes food safe, but they are also recyclable.

Our kraft paper tube with aluminum foil lining is the perfect addition for food product packaging. great fit for cereal boxes, snacks, and other food items that need long-term, secure storage to keep their flavor fresh. The added shine of aluminum foil lining is the perfect touch to make your packaging pop with color and style.

push up Cardboard Tubes with Lids

Kraft paper push-up tubes with lidskraft paper push up tubesare lined with a plant-based, waks papel aporo na ganap na compostable, biodegradable, at recyclable, paglikha ng isang langis-patunay kalasag mula sa panlabas na papel.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution for your delivery, take a look at the premium quality push-up paper tubes with caps. Our push-up paper tubes are a perfect retail packaging companion for your cosmetics and skincare products. Add screen printing or full-color custom labels bearing your branding and ensure that your product gets noticed on the store shelf, at the beach, and in your purse.

Looking for push-up tubes that feature a sidewall and cap closure? If you’re an eco-conscious business owner, you’ll appreciate how these tubes are made from renewable materials, such as post-consumer recycled content. The packaging has a natural kraft look that pairs well with company branding and marketing efforts, making it ideal for use as a gift basket container.

How do I get bottles and cans into cardboard cans safely

Have you ever wondered how to pack bottles and jars in cardboard tubes? How to pack bottles and jars into cardboard tubes without breaking them? It’s a common question that many people have trouble answering.

Una sa lahat, we can use kraft paper tubes with circular edges, and EVA pads or Lafite cushions can be added to the bottom and top of the tubes.

In case of external force, the circular edge of the paper tube can filter 60-80% of the vibration, and the cushion of EVA and Lafite can safely protect the glass bottle.

Custom Printing option for Kraft Paper Tubes Packaging

The printing option on our custom kraft paper tubes packaging provides a faster and cheaper alternative for your design and packaging needs.

We believe that packaging is more than containers. Packaging also reflects the owner’s attitude and the company’s philosophy. Customized Kraft Paper Tubes Packaging will give you a variety of your own design decisions and make you stand out among your competition, using only one type of packaging material.

Ensuring that you understand the different options available for your packaging design is important. Namely, printing is one of the most exciting ones that people often overlook. We would like to help in this aspect and make sure your product stands out from the competition by getting a quote for the custom printing services.

The advantage of kraft paper tube packaging

Kraft paper tube packaging is increasing in popularity. These high-quality tubes are used for high-end products such as cosmetics, food and luxury items. What are the advantages of kraft paper tube containers?

1. Environmental protection: 100% recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic and natural.

2. High compressive strength: the product has good compression resistance and stacking performance;

3. Magaan ang timbang: It is lighter than other packaging containers with similar volume, which can reduce the cost of transportation;

4.The price of kraft paper tubes is relatively low, so its use cost is much lower than other types of packaging;

5. The airtightness is good, and it can be used directly after opening at any time.

6. It has good printing performance, which can make the packaging look more beautiful and improve the value of the product.

7. They are versatile- Paper tubes are very versatile containers that can fulfill many functions. A single container can be used for multiple purposes including shipping, sampling, display or gift packaging. Paper tubes provide unique solutions including sliding mechanisms or hanging features that make them

The Process and Steps for Kraft Paper Tubes Production

Kraft paper tube is a kind of paper tube, which is made from kraft paper. The application of kraft paper tube is more and more common in our life. The process and steps for kraft paper tubes production are as follows:

Preparation before production

1) Kraft Paper Tube Samples or Drawings;

2) Paper Tube Specification and Outer Diameter;

3) Maximum Working Length;

4) Thickness of the Kraft Paper Tube Wall;

5) Material of the Kraft Paper Tube;

6) Printing Color Number of the Kraft Paper Tube;

7) Sliding Angle of Kraft Paper Tube;

8) Size of Kraft Paper Tube Base (Diameter);

9) Packing Method Required.

Production Process

1) Cutting paper into specific sizes;

2) Glueing and pressing;

3) Cleaning the mold, adding lubricant, and testing whether the mold can work well.

4) After finishing making kraft paper tubes, we should check whether the products meet the requirements.

5)Go to the surface print option.

6)After finishing making all qualified products, we need to pack these products to avoid damage during transportation.

The packaging is not only for the protection of the product from external damage during transportation and storage but also can be used to communicate the brand and display your products more attractive in front of customers which help you to increase your sales.

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