Push Oval and Ellipse Cardboard Deodorant Paper Tubes-No plastic

Elliptical deodorant paper packaging is an innovative design and a brand artifact. Copy and imitation are more difficult. It is not easy to scroll in the storage time.


Customized printing and different capacities are available.


Recyclable Oval deodorant packaging wholesale. Deodorant packaging uses 100_ recyclable paper as raw materials_ which improves the environmental protection of the Recyclable white deodorant packaging. The structure of the deodorant packaging is oval_ which is very rare_ but it is of great significance for product promoti (1) Recyclable kraft push up deodorant packaging. The bottom of the paper tube is thick and has high durability. Recyclable black deodorant packaging. The size of the black tube packaging is determined according to the deodorant capacity to ensure 100_ matching with the produRecyclable Oval deodorant packaging custom. The background color of the deodorant package can be different to reflect different types of deodorants. brown Oval deodorant packaging. The appearance of the kraft paper deodorant package is brown_ with a classic visual effect_ very attractive. Recyclable deodorant push up tube packaging. The deodorant packaging material is kraft paper_ which is 100_ recyclable and meets strict environmental packaging req Custom Oval deodorant packaging. Simple packaging design_ the background color of the deodorant packaging is pure white.


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