Custom Cardboard Cylinder Paper Tubes Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers

Agreen packaging: Custom Cardboard Cylinder Paper Tubes Packaging China Manufacturers and Suppliers. They are a perfect biodegradable container for food, essential oil bottles, cream jars, perfume bottles, lip balm tubes, candles, lipstick, etc applications. If you want your products to be packed in eye-catching packaging, you can choose to custom print the cardboard tube packaging with full-color offset printing, plus some premium finish like spot UV, hot foil stamping to make them looks fantastic, customers are easy to remember your brand by your special designed paper tube packaging boxes. If you are a startup looking for low-cost packaging can also opt for plain brown Kraft paper tubes which give a stylish eco-friendly look, you can stick a printed label on them. No matter how you decorate these tubes packaging for products, they are a fashion look packaging than other folding boxes.

kraft paperboard paper tube

Kraft Paper Tube Packaging Chinese Manufacturers and Suppliers.FSC certified brown kraft paper circular packaging.Suitable for food, gifts, cosmetics, lipsticks, lip balm, deodorant, and craft candles and apparel.

paper lip balm tubes

Eco Friendly Biodegradable Custom Cardboard Paper Lip Balm Tube Manufacturers & Suppliers.paper lip balm tube can be customized by users to reflect their branding, logo, or even favorite slogans, mailing addresses and so on

cardboard deodorant tubes

Empty cardboard deodorant containers in 1 oz, 2 oz, 2.5 oz, or 3.25 oz sizes. Push-up style biodegradable and compostable.Custom branded print and size. Design and Production Support.

Cardboard Lipstick Tubes

The recycled cardboard lipstick tubes are eco-friendly and recyclable.Custom a cardboard tube packaging for your lipstick products. The cardboard tube is fully customizable including the diameter, height.

paper tube food packaging

Creative cardboard Paper Tube Food Packaging, wholesale cheap custom packaging. Free tube boxes samples. Chinese manufacturers。Food Grade Options 2-Piece and 3-Piece Telescope Options Visually Appealing Paper Lid Containers on Retail Shelves.

paper tube cosmetic packaging

Premium finish and printed artwork can make your cosmetic product packaging looks very high-end to promote your products and brand. A tube no matter in brown Kraft or white paperboard will have an eye-catch effect after applying foil stamping logo or symbols, the foil color can be gold or silver, or any other colors as long as we have the foil material. Not only can apply to the cosmetic tube packaging body but also can foil on the lids, just like printing.

Foam insert or paperboard insert with custom die-cut holes are available for cosmetic tubes packaging to secure bottles or jars inside without any movement during shipment. They can also make the packaging look more luxurious.

paper tube for essential oil

cardboard tubes for essential oil dropper bottles packing, includes CBD hemp oil bottle packaging, vape pens or cartridges packing tubes, beard oil packaging tubes and so on oil products which in glass bottles or jars, and pack them into a Kraft paper made cardboard tube packaging.2 ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml and more essential oils,Enjoy design & customization Services

paper tube candle packaging

Custom Tube candle boxes or paper cylinder candle packaging is a stylish way to package your candles while at the same time providing protection.Make your candle packaging appealing and eco-friendly with our Paper Candle Tubes.Printed Cardboard Tube Round Candle Box Cylinder Candle Paper Tube Packaging.Compared to folding cartons, paper tubes are more sturdy and durable to preserve the delicacy of the candles especially like heavier pillar.

Paper tube with window

Cardboard paper tubes with window can be custom by users to reflect their branding, logo, or even favorite slogans, mailing addresses and so on.Partially transparent windows or upper and lower cardboard covers can be selected. The cylinder body is all made of transparent plastic, and the transparent windows can also be printed with labels. Recycled Paper Cardboard Clear Tube Packaging With Pet Pvc Window. paper tube with window cylindrical cardboard boxes with clear pvc window for cosmetics, foods, clothes, 3C electronics products packaging.

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