Customized perfume bottle tubes packaging in the cosmetic industry.

The round cardboard tube is a perfect choice for round bottle packed perfume packaging. No matter your perfume bottle is a small slim spray tube or a large container, we have both large and small diameter tubes with customized size to fit your perfume container. You can put them directly in the tube, also you can choose to apply a foam insert inside the tube to fix your bottle tightly sit in the tube packaging without moving during shipment.

You can choose to custom printed the perfume tube packaging in full-color printing artwork, also you can choose a natural brown Kraft tube packaging with single color printed, or with premium hot foil stamping logo. If you want to save cost, you can stick a label on the plain Kraft cardboard tubes.

As the tubes are made from recycled paper, it’s perfectly suitable to bring a natural impression to your customers if they see your perfume packed in a Kraft paperboard tube packaging.

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