The most detailed instructions on the production process of cardboard tube surface

We are a professional paper tube manufacturer from China, we can customize any specification and requirement you need. The following is for the paper tube surface processing technology.

Offset printing

Offset printing is a classic and basic way of printing in modern printing. To date, offset printing is the leader in the printing services market due to its high quality, economy, and productivity. It is widely used in its machines, devices, technologies, all the achievements of modern science. we have installed a 5+1-color sheet-fed offset printing machine with the lacquering function of the recognized world leader – the German concern Heidelberg.

Heidelberg 5-color offset printing machine

In our production, we can produce industrial batches of products with maximum efficiency and perfect quality in the shortest possible time.
B2 + 745×530 mm printing equipment is able to print full-color works at the same time using additional special pontoon inks while covering sheets of water-dispersed varnish at the same time.

Hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is material for application to the surface of Printing paper, plastic, wood, and metal as well as painted surfaces by hot stamping. Cardboard paper tube is widely used in cosmetics packaging, gift packaging, wig packaging tube, essential oil packaging, lip gloss packaging, and daily necessities and clothing packaging, and more applications.

Hot stamping foil

We provide hot stamping foils of many types, designs, and colors according to the purpose.

Hot Stamping Foil list

Metallic Foil
The foil has a standard structure: an aluminum vapor-deposition layer and coating layers bonded to polyester film. It can be applied to plastic, leather, paper, and used for many kinds of products. It can produce a metallic luster that no other material can compete with, and its application process is very easy; this makes it a very promising material with a number of expected uses.
Gold, silver, blue, pink and various other metallic colors are available.

Hologram Foil (Hot Stamping Foil)

Hologram Foil (Hot Stamping Foil)
hologram foil can be applied to plastic and paper in a similar way to other hot stamping foils.
It has a particular kind of gloss with polarization, giving your products a luxurious texture.
It is difficult to make a similar product, so it can be used to prevent counterfeit products.

Multi-color Stamping Foil

Multi-color Stamping Foil
This foil is printed in multiple colors by roll screen printing. More than ten specific colors can be overprinted. It is possible to adjust the thickness of the coloring layers to screen base materials or print in colors with strong contrast.

Embossing and debossing


Embossing and debossing are the processes of creating either raised or recessed relief images and designs in paper and other materials. An embossed pattern is raised against the background, while a debossed pattern is sunken into the surface of the material (but might protrude somewhat on the reverse, backside).

Embossing and debossing
Often used in combination with foil stamping, embossing alters the surface of paper stock or other substrates by providing a three-dimensional or raised effect on selected areas. The procedure requires the use of two dies: one that is raised and one that is recessed. The dies fit into each other so that when the paper is pressed between them, the raised die forces the stock into the recessed die and creates the embossed impression. A specific level of pressure is applied to the dies in order to squeeze the fibers of the paper, which results in a permanently raised area in the paper. When the dies are produced, a die maker engraves the desired image into several metal plates, which are the embossing dies for use on an embossing press. A thorough understanding of the process will enable a more successful result. Generally, embossing is the process most often employed to attract attention or convey a high-quality textural contrast in relation to the surrounding area of the paper stock.
Embossing is basically used to create a distinctive effect. The greatest concern and emphasis on the client’s behalf should be placed on the outcome of the embossed effect. In order to achieve the best possible effect, it is important to understand the embossing process and the types of dies that are used for embossing. The three factors that need to be controlled during the embossing process are:
Pressure: the intensity of the impact on the weight of the stock being embossed.
Heat: the ability to maintain a consistent heat level for the best impression.
Die depth: the client’s artwork or the engraver’s efforts will initially determine the die depth, however, if by looking at the artwork it appears that an adjustment of the die depth may be necessary, the die may need to be retooled to achieve a greater depth. Most types of paper can be embossed, and size is not normally a consideration. Embossing without ink, so that the image is raised but not colored, is called “blind embossing”. Embossing used in conjunction with ink, so that the raised area is colored, is called “color register embossing”. Embossing used in conjunction with foil stamping is called “combination stamping” or “combo stamping”.


Debossing is when an image (logo, text, etc.) is imprinted into your print piece, creating a depressed effect. Just like embossing, you can choose to leave the debossed area untouched or fill it in with ink or foil stamping.

UV varnish

UV Coating
UV Coating is a tough clear coat applied over printed materials to 1) protect against scratches, tears, and fingerprints and 2) enhance the brilliance of the ink colors.

Matte and glossy surface

Glossy paper is shinier—this makes the color in your images “pop” on the sheet. The extra shine works well on print files with heavy color coverage, especially photographs and big graphics. This effect also gives the color on the prints look like they have higher contrast. Matte paper has a more muted feel to it


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