Transparent plastic tube packaging for chocolate candy Golden lid

This is a very popular transparent plastic tube packaging for chocolate candy.

It is made of 100% transparent food grade (FDA)PET tube with upper and lower metal cover and internal printed paper card.

We have rich experience in production.

We can make different colors of printing and size and different colors of metal lid, also can be equipped with plastic lid.

Candy plastic packaging tube

As shown in the figure below, it is composed of three parts. The metal bottom is fixed on the transparent plastic tube, which has sufficient load-bearing capacity and firmness.

Separate paper display parts, even you produce a batch of plastic tube packaging we can cooperate with you to produce different colors and styles of printed paper CARDS to meet different customer needs.

clear plastic tube packaging

The metal top lid is easy to open and is a great way to protect candy and snacks.Very convenient, and we can provide different sizes and colors of metal cover. Plastic tube packaging for food Food grade plastic tube packaging Round plastic tube packaging

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