Custom Cardboard Lipstick Paper Tube Packaging Boxes

0.3oz 0.5oz 1oz 2oz 2.5oz 12.1mm eco-friendly cardboard printing lipstick paper tube packaging
The bottom can push up with a finger
suitable for solid perfume,lip balm


Custom paperboard tube packaging has been widely used in the lipstick beauty industry.The following are some production cases of lipstick paper tube packaging.

If you want your lipstick products to be packed in eye-catching packaging, you can choose to custom printed the cardboard tube packaging with full-color offset printing, plus some premium finish like spot UV, hot foil stamping to make them looks fantastic, customers are easy to remember your lipstick brand by your special designed lipstick tube packaging boxes. If you are a startup looking for low-cost packaging can also opt to plain brown Kraft paper tubes which gives a stylish eco-friendly look, you can stick a printed label on them. No matter how you decorate these tubes packaging for lipstick products, they are a fashion look packaging than other folding boxes.

Custom printed lipstick cardboard tubes with gold or silver foil stamping logo

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Premium finish and printed artwork can make your lipstick product packaging looks very high-end to promote your products and brand. A tube no matter in brown Kraft or white paperboard, both will have an eye-catch effect after applying foil stamping logo or symbols, the foil color can be gold or silver, or any other colors as long as we have the foil material.

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Custom printed cardboard paper tube lipstick and lip balm packaging tubes

lipstick in paper tubesAmong cosmetic tube packaging applications, cardboard paper tubes are a popular way for lipstick and lip balm packaging. Comparing to plastic or glass lipstick packaging, the paperboard tubes have their unique advantages. First, the cardboard lip balm tube is made from Kraft paper which can be 100% recycled and definitely more environment-friendly than plastic containers. In addition, the paperboard lipstick tubes are open to full-color printing options with any customized artwork printed and can be finished with luxury foil stamping and spot UV etc high-end look finish to make your brand lipstick stand out in the competitive lipstick market, also more attractive to stop-by customers in the store. Lastly, cardboard lipstick tubes are more cost-effective than plastic lipstick tubes. Even in a small minimum order quantity, you can custom your own branded lipstick cardboard tubes, but it requires a larger amount to customize a plastic lipstick tube container. All the above benefits of using paperboard tubes can make your lipstick or lip balm with competitive price for students or low-income consumers, also they look beautiful and attractive, people will like them lipstick packaging manufacturer lipstick tube packaging manufacturer

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