PVC/PET Plastic tube packaging suppliers,Plastic tube containers tinplate Lid


Clear plastic cylinder tube round clear packaging tube with tinplate lid and bottom

There are many ways of packing thin-walled plastic tubes. Today we will introduce the process of a tinplate cover.

In the first place.The diameter and length of the plastic tube can be customized.

The overlap of the PVC/PET plastic cylinder can be bonded with special glue or ultrasonic welding process as shown in the picture.

Plastic tube packaging suppliers

Plastic tube containers tinplate Lid

Usually, the tinplate cover at the bottom of the transparent plastic tube is completely fixed to the tube wall by extrusion.

The tin lid can be put on or taken off freely.

Tinplate LIDS can be customized in any color you like.We also have a large number of ready-made sizes available for samples.

Tinplate plastic cylinder cover Tinplate plastic cylinder cover

Gold and silver plastic tin cylinder LIDS are a common choice


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Free samples of tinplate plastic cylinders are available


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