Custom printed cardboard lipstick paper tube and lip balm packaging tubes.

Сярод прымянення ўпакоўкі касметычных трубак, кардонныя папяровыя трубкі - папулярны спосаб упакоўкі памад і бальзамаў для вуснаў. У параўнанні з пластыкавай або шкляной упакоўкай памады, кардонныя трубы маюць свае унікальныя перавагі. Па-першае, кардонная трубка бальзаму для вуснаў выраблена з крафт-паперы, якая можа быць 100% перапрацаваны і, безумоўна, больш экалагічна чысты, чым пластыкавыя кантэйнеры.

У дадатак, the paperboard lipstick tubes are open to full-color printing options with any customized artwork printed and can be finished with luxury foil stamping and spot UV etc high-end look finish to make your brand lipstick stand out in the competitive cosmetic market, таксама больш прывабным для наведвальнікаў у краме. Нарэшце, кардонныя трубкі для памады больш рэнтабельныя, чым пластыкавыя трубкі для памады.

Нават у невялікай мінімальнай колькасці замовы, вы можаце наладзіць свае ўласныя фірмовыя кардонныя трубкі для памады, але гэта патрабуе большай колькасці, каб наладзіць пластыкавы кантэйнер для памады. Усе вышэйзгаданыя перавагі выкарыстання кардонных цюбікаў могуць зрабіць вашу памаду або бальзам для вуснаў па канкурэнтаздольнай цане для студэнтаў і спажыўцоў з нізкім узроўнем даходу, таксама яны выглядаюць прыгожа і прывабна, людзям яны спадабаюцца.

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Custom printed cardboard lipstick paper tube and lip balm packaging tubes

How to Choose Lipstick Tube Packaging for Your Lip Balms

The perfect lipstick tube packaging can make or break your lip balm brand.

Why? Because when you’re selling a product that is made from all-natural ingredients that focus on health, it’s important to show off the natural beauty of the product inside.

Cardboard lipstick tubes are the perfect way to do this.

The main reason for buying cardboard lipstick tubes is that they’re more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. The cardboard is recyclable, so you won’t be adding to the world’s growing plastic problem. У дадатак, the tubes look stylish and will fit in with many different brands and products. You can even customize them to match your branding.

Why Most Lipstick Manufacturers Choose Paper Tubes?

Have you ever wondered why most lip balm manufacturers choose paper tubes? The answer to this question is quite simple. Paper tubes, in fact, are the most cost-effective and unique options available to pack your lip balm.

If you are planning to manufacture your own brand of lip balm products, then you need to look for a reliable container that can be used as a packaging solution. You will be surprised to know that there are many companies that offer custom-made containers for their clients. These companies have the best facilities and technology for manufacturing these containers.

They’re lightweight and easy to transport. Lipstick Paper tubes are made from very lightweight materials, so they can be easily transported from one place to another with little effort. It doesn’t take much energy to move them from one place to another, and they don’t add much weight to the total shipment. This is a major benefit for manufacturers who ship large quantities of their products all over the world.

They’re inexpensive and easy to store. Lip balm tubes are relatively inexpensive compared to many other types of packaging materials, so they don’t add much cost to the total manufacturing process. Additionally, paper tubes can be stacked on top of each other when they aren’t being used, so they don’t take up much space in storage facilities or warehouses.

Lip balms are gaining popularity these days and if you are planning to come up with a lip balm brand then you can start off with cardboard lipstick tubes.

Why should you choose cardboard lipstick tubes?

A sustainable option



The paper tubes are biodegradable in nature and this is why they are considered to be the most eco-friendly option in the market. These days, consumers want products that are environmentally friendly too. If you want to keep your customers happy then you need to choose sustainable packaging options such as cardboard lipstick tubes. These can be easily customized too.

Kraft Lipstick Tubes: The Perfect Custom Cosmetic Packaging Solution

Kraft Lipstick Tubes

There are many reasons why kraft lipstick tubes are a popular choice for custom cosmetic packaging solutions. Many people prefer the look of brown card over plastic or metal containers, so kraft lipstick packaging is often the preferred option by environmentally friendly brands.

Kraft cardboard is not only recyclable but can also be made from 100% перапрацаваныя матэрыялы. This means that not only is it good for the environment, but it is also affordable.

Another benefit of using kraft lipstick tubes is that they can be customised to match your brand identity and personality. You can choose different colours and finishes, as well as adding your own logo design to create a product that really stands out on shelves.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your cosmetic products, then choosing kraft lipstick tubes could be an excellent way to do this.

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