paper tube for cosmetics,skin care cream, lotion

For beauty products like skin care cream, lotion, essential products, the paperboard tube packaging is a perfect alternative choice to replace folding cartons. They have a unique round shape suit for most round jars and bottles, also they have rigid cardboard wall can protect those fragile glass container beauty products inside. They can be custom printed and finished in luxury design to catch your consumers’ attention to know more about your beauty products, as they will believe it will make them beautiful with these products packed in such pretty packaging. Also as the cardboard tubes are made from recyclable paper which delivers an eco-friendly message to your customers that your brand is green.

In a word, your packaging design is the first impression that consumers will get of your brand when they see your products on the shelf, it’s important to look as great as when actually using your cosmetic products when they hold in hand. In addition, it’s an affordable and cost-efficient way to have a delight cardboard tube packaging for your skin care products to stand out from other brands, customers will feel confident to use your product in beautiful packaging.

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