Plastic tube packaging for food,Food grade plastic tubing,food grade PVC tubing,food grade PETG tubing,Food grade rigid plastic tubing,Food grade pvc pipe,Rigid plastic Tube packaging,Sealed Bottom Clear Plastic Round Tubes. Attractive and convenient! Round, Square, Rectangular, Triangle and Oval shaped.these clear packages are perfect for retail use for any industry – cosmetics, toys, candy, crafts – even POP displays. Rigid PermaSeal containers feature a clear rigid bottom insert affixed to one end of the tube creating a permanently sealed end.CustomTubePackaging.CO supplies the caps or plugs for the open end, and there is a large variety of closure styles and colors from which you can select.

Material: PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)(FDA)
Unique Design,Durable and Strong
Clear plastic permanent bottom is welded to the tube
Unlimited lengths with no tooling.
Reusable,Container can be used for storage as the cap can repeatedly be taken off and put back on.

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