clear plastic tube packaging for chocolates FDA certifies food grade materials

Food grade plastic tube in the sealed bottom.
Custom print brand label, top and bottom can be pasted anti-theft seal label


These clear round tube containers were perfect for chocolates and snacks of all varieties, allowing the chocolatier to buy the containers in volume, saving money.

We have a variety of diameter and height molds to meet the needs of different chocolate volumes.

We can provide a variety of color lid and printing label paste services.

Over the past 12 years, we have helped more than 100 chocolate factories upgrade their packaging solutions and achieve sales growth. They’ve been so successful that we’ve been promoting clear plastic canisters for chocolate and candy.



clear plastic tube packaging for candyWhen you have a product that is pleasing to the eye, it needs to be the focus of the package. Why hide your classy, sophisticated, or functional product inside cardboard packaging? Let the buyer see the details inside. With clear tubes from Customtubepackaging.CO the content draws the eyes directly to your product and it can speak for itself. Labels are another part of the operations at Customtubepackaging.CO with high-speed machinery to generate fast production results. clear plastic tube packagingClear tubes packaging can be converted to containers by closing one end either with a removable closure or, a fixed, permanent bottom insert plug. clear plastic tube packaging for chocolates clear plastic tube packaging for chocolates candy custom clear plastic tube packaging for chocolates

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