Manufacturers Custom Cardboard Tube Packaging for Essential Oil Bottle

Cardboard tube packaging has been widely used in cosmetics, such as for perfumes, lipsticks, and essential oil. We are going to introduce the cardboard tubes for essential oil dropper bottles packing, including CBD hemp oil bottle packaging, vape pens or cartridges packing tubes, beard oil packaging tubes, and so on oil products which in glass bottles or jars, and pack them into a Kraft paper made cardboard tube packaging.

Why cardboard tube packaging is more popular than the folding boxes carton used for packing these glass bottles and jars? They can be concluded to below several reasons, also they are the advantages of custom cardboard tube packaging boxes.

Cardboard Tube
Custom CMYK full color printed Kraft cardboard tubes for essential hemp CBD oil dropper glass bottle packaging

Cardboard tube packaging has same round shape as the essential oil bottles.

First of all, from the appearance of cardboard tubes we can see the same round shape as the bottles mostly used to pack essential oils products. This property makes it more suitable to pack essential oil bottles than other rectangular-shaped folding boxes. It can save more storage room because there’s no more extra space inside the tubes when putting the bottles in them, while regular paper folding carton has. Also, round tube packaging has a better touch feel than rectangular cartons, people like round tubes to be better feel when holding them on hand.

Custom Kraft cardboard tubes
Custom natural brown Kraft cardboard tubes for essential oil glass bottle packaging with single white one color printing, in 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a longer cap, and a shorter tube base. Outside brown and white Kraft paper

Cardboard tube for essential oil packaging is easier to pack and saving time.

As most style cardboard tubes packaging are consists of one cap and one bottom base two parts. When an essential oil factory packs the oil product bottles into these tubes can be faster than packing into other folding carton boxes. You don’t have to spend time assembly the folding cartons before packing, the only process is to put oil bottles into the tube and put on the tube lid cap onto the tube base, a very clean and fast process.

Cardboard Tube packaging
Custom printed white cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging with a foam insert to fit the bottle inside, in 3-piece tube style which with inner neck, a longer cap, and a shorter tube base. Outside full-color printing and gold foil stamping logo, inside the white tube.

Sturdy cardboard tube packaging can better protect essential oil glass bottles safely.

The cardboard tube is made from rigid Kraft cardboard which can better protect the glass oil bottles than paper folding boxes. The thickness of one layer tube cardboard wall is about 1mm thick, the tube body is consists of two layers of cardboard about 2mm in total. In this case, no matter what kind of impact or stress is pushed on the tube packaging during shipment, it won’t be out of shape easily, so as to safely protect the glass bottles inside them without any damage. However, the normal paper stock-made folding cartons are very easy to be squeezed out of shape as it’s a very thin board even 24pt paperboard. Besides, you can choose a foam insert with a slot cut to fit the glass bottles inside the cardboard tube packaging without any movement, they won’t be damaged even drop to the floor from your hand. A high-end essential oil product must be safely protected by its packaging.

paper Tube packaging
Full color printed white cardboard tubes for essential oil packaging with a black EVA foam insert to fit the bottle,

Essential oil bottle packaging cardboard tube packaging can long lasting used

These rigid cardboard tubes give themselves an added value is to be reusable or long-lasting used until the essential oil product is used up. Compared to weak paper folding box cartons, the cardboard tube packaging is sturdy and strong, every time after using the essential oil you can put the bottle back to the tubes easily and they will not be damaged or out of shape even after many times of use. However, general folding boxes are easy to be damaged and tear up, they can’t be long-lasting used and you might just throw them away the first time you get the oil bottle out of them. And in this case, if you just put the oil bottle somewhere without packaging to protect it, it can easily be broken when dropped to the floor by accident. So a reusable cardboard tube is an ideal packaging to get rid of these troubles and well keep your essential oil or CBD oil products safe.

paper tubes
Custom white cardboard tubes for 500mg hemp oil bottle packaging with a white EVA foam insert to fit the bottle, in 3-piece tube style which with short inner neck, a longer lid, and a shorter tube base. Outside single black printed on the body and top lid, inside white.

Cardboard round cylinder oil bottle packaging tube has more customization options.

For different branded essential oil products, they have their own custom packaging with their artwork and design, this is the customization property for all kinds of packaging, a general plain box without any printing and brand information cannot get the trust of the customer and also can’t let people remember and spread your brand to increase your sales. So custom packaging is very important for retail products. Compared to folding boxes, the cardboard tubes not only can be done with custom printing but it also with many different styles

Round cylinder tube packaging can stand out your essential oil products from others.

You can notice that most essential oil products are packed with regular folding paper boxes in the market, in this case, if you pack yours in a special Kraft cylinder tube packaging, it must be very eye-catching on the shelf and certainly will stand out your essential oil products. Many oil product factories tend to apply cylinder tube packaging to replace the folding boxes to distinct their products from others.

Kraft cardboard tubes packaging for oil bottle packing is a more eco-friendly choice

As we know, cardboard tubes are made from Kraft paper by rolling through round mold with glue to certain thickness cardboard tubes, and Kraft paper is the most recyclable material than other bleached papers. So choosing to use Kraft cardboard tubes is better for our environment and the tube packaging for your essential oil products can be 100% recyclable. Many countries encourage to use of eco-friendly packaging to reduce plastic pollution. Cardboard tube packaging is a good choice to replace any plastic packaging boxes or bags.

If you want to custom made your own personalized Cardboard TUBE OIL BOTTLE packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a oil bottle tube box dieline to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry.


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